Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why other media outlets need to cover the ACORN "controversy"

This morning in Chicago, FOX32 poo poo'ed and tsk, tsked the fact that no one else is really reporting on the whole ACORN controversy. Well I thought about it and I agree, because as long as FOX is the only news organization spending time on this manufactured controversy we know that the truth will not come out.

What happened was shameless and embarrassing and those who were caught on camera need to be terminated, however the whole story needs to be told. We need to hear about the offices that rejected the "pimp and ho" (filmmakers) who were staging this sting, including the office in Philadelphia which called the police. We need the filmmakers to explain why they went with the whole "pimp and ho" angle.

As long as FOX is the only telling this story then we are being misled, we need real journalists, objective reporters who will examine this entire project and tell the whole story.

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