Thursday, September 17, 2009

Briani's story demonstrates why we need health care reform, with a public option, NOW!

This article in this morning's Chicago Tribune demonstrates why we need immediate health care reform with a public option and a ban on insurance companies' ability to deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Firm cancels health insurance coverage for girl, 17, after celiac disease diagnosis
American Community Mutual's rescission numbers 'cause for concern,' says director of Illinois Department of Insurance

By Jon Yates

September 17, 2009

When 17-year-old Brianna Rice was diagnosed with celiac disease in February, she had health insurance.

She doesn't now.

In the months that followed her diagnosis, her insurance company, American Community Mutual Insurance, combed through her medical records and ruled that her parents lied on her application last year.

In May, American Community not only canceled her policy, but also rescinded coverage all the way back to the day it started -- Nov. 1.

Her parents, Dale and Pat Rice of Deerfield, insist they were truthful on Brianna's application and say the insurance company is trying to back out of covering their daughter because of the February diagnosis.

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