Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scum attracts scum. . .a bromance blossoms between Mancow and Drew Peterson

Is anyone surprised by Michael Sneed's report in today's Chicago Sun-Times that these two misogynistic idiots, Drew Peterson and Mancow Muller, are hanging out together? According to Sneed the two had dinner at a local restaurant and then were spotted partying backstage during a show at the House of Blues this past weekend.

We at Windy City Watch aren't. It is one thing to work a source, as Mancow might claim he is doing, but to do so in such a public manner that would appear to be an embrace is just disgusting. But has anyone really known Mancow to be anything but disgusting?

Granted working for WLS-AM as radio personality is not like working for respected news outlet like Chicago's NBC5 but didn't Amy Jacobson get canned for stuff like this? It should be noted that Jacobson was invited to

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