Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hey mobs of assholes wilding downtown, FUCK YOU and the longterm effects of your fuckery on the Black community

There are so many reasons why the mob attacks downtown need to stop.

First and foremost its a public safety issue that impacts the quality of life of all of us. The violence that is being carried out is an affront to everyone, whether its happening on Michigan Avenue or at the corner of 64th and Morgan. No one should be subjected to this reckless violence that is terrorizing too many people.

Secondly, these attacks can have a long term negative impact on our city's economy. As people plan their summer vacations or evenings out they will avoid the neighborhoods being targeted and it is these neighborhoods which drive large part of our local economy.

Thirdly, I am most pissed about the long term victims in this whole crisis: young Black men. Everyday this story is in the news I think about all of the hard working, law abiding young Black men, who, as a result of these assholes, are going to be profiled by police and who will be subjected to stares as well as unease by well meaning Chicagoan/tourists who are on edge thanks to the media reports.

I'm glad the police are on the case and I believe they need to do what they have to do to keep us safe, but every time I see young Black men stopped by police downtown I'll wonder if they are the assholes we are hearing about or just some high school/college students who are only guilty of one thing, being Black. The irony is, even as a Black male myself, I sometimes grow a little uneasy every time I see groups of young Black men.

How the city copes with this crisis and the racial elements is yet to be seen. This is a public safety issue that needs to be solved, I just hope a bunch of innocent young Black men don't get victimized in the process. Sadly, while it might be police and society that victimizes them in the long run, its the assholes who happen to also be young Black men who caused this and need to be held accountable, not just for the violence but the long term impact on their peers and future generations of young Black men.

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nrn312 said...

Do you get paid every time you use the expression "young Black men?"