Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Charges dropped against Eni Skoien

Chicago Sun-Times: Accused by wife of tryst with prostitutes, Skoien doesn’t show up to testify
May 12, 2009
BY DAN ROZEK Staff Reporter / drozek@suntimes.com

A domestic battery complaint filed against the wife of former Cook County Republican Party boss Gary Skoien was dismissed today when he didn’t show up in court to testify against her.

Eni Skoien had been charged with beating her husband with her fists and a toy guitar after she allegedly found him with two prostitutes in their Inverness home on March 8.

The misdemeanor charge filed against the 36-year-old Skoien was dropped because her estranged husband was the only witness who could provide information about the alleged attack, prosecutors said.

“Without his testimony, we couldn’t proceed,” Cook County prosecutor Ketki Steffen said. “We have no other witnesses.”

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