Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lyons, Illinois Village President and Trustee caught making racist comments on tape

Last night FOX32 aired disturbing footage of Lyons Village trustee, Richard Schuppe use the n-word when talking about refrigerator delivery men and Village President David A. Visk responding that he should have thrown a "watermelon" at the delivery people. The comments were caught when the two men drove a Lyons Village Police car during a parade last summer and were recorded because the two men turned the police car's lights on during the parade, which automatically triggers the dashboard cam.

Here is some background on both men:

President David Visk was elected in 2005 but previously served four years as Village President and four years as a Village Trustee. As Trustee he was chairman of the Finance, Special Events, and Public Works Committees. During his terms in office he has helped bring senior, residential, and business developments to Lyons. He was a director of Lyons' Chamber of Commerce and is a long time member of the Small Business Association. Employed as a project manager with Mazur Construction for 33 years, his construction experience has been a major asset to the Village throughout his terms in office. He was the girls basketball coach for District 103 and is a former Lyons Little League coach. Dave was past Chairman of the Friends of Helping Hand Rehabilitation Center and codirector of the National Special Olympics. Dave and wife Michelle are parents of three children Julia, JoAnne, and David and are active members of St. Hugh Church.

Trustee Schuppe has been a resident of Lyons since 1973. Trustee Schuppe has been married to his wife Nadine for 43 years and they have three children and four grandchildren. Trustee Schuppe served as a law enforcement officer from 1975 to 2003 and began his career in law enforcement by working for five years as a Lyons Police Special Officer. In 1980 he joined the Cook County Forest Preserve Police Force and served until 2003. Trustee Schuppe has been very active in serving the Lyons' community as he has participated in the Environmental Quality Control Commission, the Village Recreation Board, and the Lyons-McCook Little League.

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Sean said...

You know, "They should have thrown a watermelon in there" -- the Mayor's exact words, as reported in the video you've linked to -- it is not, nor is in any way like what you said he said, as in: "you should have thrown a watermelon at the delivery guys".

The statement you've made, in that regard -- it is incorrect, and misleading. The mayor did not tell anyone to throw a watermelon at anyone. Please check the video you've presented, again, sir.

Whether it is based on an inaccurate source page or not, it doesn't even match the recording in the video you've presented. This inconsistency, in the face of the nature and effects of your accusation, I find to be personally offensive.

Before presenting accusations of such significance, would you be so kind as to check your assumed facts, sir?