Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jonathan Hood resigns from ESPN 1000

ESPN RADIO 1000 personality, Jonathan Hood, is now former ESPN RADIO 1000 personality according to an announcement he just made via his Facebook status update:

Jonathan Hood Has left the building. I've resigned from ESPN 1000. Check your notes section for my next stop. 10 minutes ago

What is next for him? Mike North's In the notes section Hood writes:
17 of my 19 years in the business have been in sportsradio in some capacity and now I'm excited about this new opportunity at

I will be teaming with Tim Doyle mid days from 11-3 pm cdt on starting April 6th. We really need your support in this new venture and the former Wildcat and yours truly hope we can keep you company during the middays. If you've heard my shows in the past, you know that I'm always about fun, information, interaction with you and oh yeah, fun.

I want to thank anyone who turned on The Show or Chicago. Baseball Tonight. Thanks for the support and your time.

I appreciate what David Hernandez and Mike North are doing by starting this new webio creation.

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