Friday, March 13, 2009

CapFax notices IL GOP now embrace "innocent until proven guilty" re: Skoien

The Capitol Fax Blog: The shoe’s now on the other foot *** UPDATED x1 ***

Friday, Mar 13, 2009

* When allegations of perjury surfaced against US Sen. Roland Burris, Republicans were quick to call for his resignation. Now that a powerful township GOP committeeman and former Cook County Republican Party Chairman has been accused of hosting a late night visit by two prostitutes in his children’s playroom, Republicans all of a sudden remember the innocent until proven guilty stuff…
“I hope he is willing to think long and hard about doing the right thing…” Isn’t that what Mayor Daley said about Burris?

Kinda funny that there’s no outraged rush to the cameras on this one. The Tribune editorial page, which has led the charge against Burris, has been mute. Kass hasn’t come up with any silly nicknames for Skoien like he did with Burris. And there’s been almost total radio silence at the conservative blogs.

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