Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Warner Saunders confronts Robert Feder at AFTRA annual meeting

Rumors are swirling around town about NBC5's legendary anchorman Warner Saunders confronting former Chicago Sun-Times media columnist Robert Feder at the annual meeting for the Chicago chapter of AFTRA event last night. The story we heard on the Roe Conn show on WLS-AM this afternoon is that during a Q&A session following an interview of Mr. Feder by WTTW's John Calloway, Mr. Saunders read a statement taking him to task for his treatment of Saunders and other local African American media personalities.

Over the years we found Mr. Feder's column to be an invaluable source for media news, however we did find him to be a big jerk as well and we felt his treatment of African American media personalities to be particularly harsh at times. We don't know if he is racist but he definitely be a jerk.

Read this gem regarding Feder outing a local anchor regarding her breast implants.

Race is a complicated issue and we fear that Mr. Saunders will be ridiculed for his actions last night. He may have over reached a bit, but Mr. Saunders IS NOT THE ONLY MEMBER of the Chicago media community who feels that way so we encourage folks to take a deep breath before calling Saunders totally off base on this.

Rather than recount the confrontation here is a clip from today's Roe Conn Show.

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