Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Illinois Review goes all homophobic on Ron Huberman

In a commentary posted this week regarding Ron Huberman's appointment to be the new CEO of the Chicago Public Schools and the revelation that he is gay, the Illinois Review (IR) wrote:


Frankly we agree with (Tom) Mannis, that it's all rather disturbing that the Mayor kept that particular important part of Huberman's social life a secret until after the new CPS CEO was confirmed by the school board. It's like finding out after the fact that your new Treasury Secretary had no problem ripping off the IRS. You feel foolish for trusting those in authority to appoint not only qualified, but moral people.


Say what? We would like IR and Mannis to explain to us how Huberman keeping his sexual orientation a secret is disturbing. It is his own private business and has no impact on his ability to serve the people of Chicago admirably and honorably. The homophobic neanderthals over at IR might be startled to learn that over their many collective years of schooling a few of their teachers most likely belonged to GLBT community.

Its this type of unabashed bigotry that makes it hard for us to take the ultra conservative movement seriously.

What is immoral with hiring a gay man with an excellent resume and proven track record to run a school system?

Awe bigotry, isn't amazing.


Roger said...

Tom Mannis is a buffoon who spends his time cutting and pasting the news stories of others and launching painfully long diatribes against those who rightfully question his sanity.

He also is known to occasionally wear women's clothing.

YourChicagoFriend said...

I can't begin to imagine why anyone would even pay attention to that Mannis guy, except for the obvious point-and-laugh value.

The poor fool can't hold down a job; has been banned from numerous North Side bars, restarants and coffee shops; was all but run out of Rogers Park; runs around calling himself a journalist; and reportedly wears a foil hat.

spinoza said...

I think the light loafered crowd doest protest way too much.

If Tom Mannis and his Chicago Bench blog are so inconsequential, why all the acid penned attempts at character assasination?

Fact is he runs one of the most vibrant blogs in the city.

Ad hominem attacks are the last refuge of the scoundrel and there seem to be several on this page.

Why no discussion of the real issue -- Huberman's cowering in the closet until outed by the gay community. Some hero.