Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Somebody needs to save Christina Raines from Drew Peterson, her father, her boyfriend and herself

Reports out of Bolingbrook appearing in the the Chicago Sun-Times, Joliet Herald News and Chicago Tribune are indicating that Christina Raines has moved back in with suspected wife murderer and Mancow's new best friend Drew Peterson. Raines who is or was allegedly engaged to Peterson (we really don't know) is in dire need of help and more importantly a healthy relationship (not necessarily romantic either) and someone, ANYONE who truly cares about her and what is in her best interest. Let's look at what we know about the men in her life besides Peterson:

1) Her father--What type of example has Ernie Raines set for his daughter if she feels that Drew Peterson is marriage material? Ernie Raines seems more interested in publicity than he does the welfare of his daughter. Why else would he show up to Drew Peterson's house to retrieve his daughter with a TV crew from CBS? We aren't saying that he doesn't care about her, but he ENJOYS being part of the public drama that she is involved in. His behavior and conduct pretty much explains why Christina views Drew as husband material. We might be wrong about Mr. Raines but until he shows us that caring for and helping his daughter is more important than publicity

2) Her on again/off again boyfriend--What type of MOPE do you need to be to have your live in girlfriend leave you at least twice to move in and allegedly get in engaged to Drew "suspected wife murderer" Peterson? Our hope is that when and if Christina leaves Drew again that she does not reconcile and/or move back in with this guy. Think about it, if this guy is so bad that you leave him for Drew he is bad news. Additionally, we can't imagine that her previous reconciliations with this guy after her "romantic" entaglements with Drew are that healthy. It's tough enough reconciling with an "ex" after any break-up it has to be 1,000 times worse when Drew Peterson and national media are involved.

3) The father of her children--This guy is in out of jail. You would think with Christina Raines dragging her children into this mess, this guy would step up for the sake of his children, but like the other men her Christina's life this guy appears to be a simple MOPE.

With men like these in her life no wonder Christina Raines believes Drew Peterson might be a good catch.

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