Thursday, February 12, 2009

LOL Overzealous GOP twittering kills VA state house coup

We just learned from Talking Points Memo that as Republicans in the Virginia State Senate were working on a deal to get one Democrat to defect from his or her party's caucus, state GOP chair and state legislator Jeff Frederick leaked the news via Twitter to his followers. Once Democrats learned of this via Twitter they sprang into action and were able to keep the potential defector in the party. This defection would have resulted in a 20-20 tie in the state Senate and it would have been necessary for the two parties to come to some sort of power sharing arrangement.

The controversy continues on The National Review Online (NRO) with Frederick and Virginia House Majority Leader, H. Morgan Griffith, a Republican as well, pushing back against NRO's reporting that "Loose Twits Sink Shifts." Griffith in an e-mail to NRO blames Virginia Governor and DNC Chair Tim Kaine who he alleges reached out to the wavering Democrat State Senator. What Griffith, who is most likely stuck on stupid, fails to acknowledge is that if Kaine is the one who ruined the potential deal he most likely found out about the deal from Frederick's Twitter.

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