Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Congressman Cantor should immediately fire his spokesperson

We at Windy City Watch have absolutely no problem with profanity but the controversy drummed up by the office of GOP House Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia is inexcusable and Cantor's spokesperson, Brad Dayspring, should be fired immediately or resign.

Dayspring, who has since said he was acting on his own, sent to at least one member of the media Greg Sargent) a profanity laced YouTube video portraying AFSCME members as "as 1970s-era goons." Because Dayspring sent the video, many in organized labor took immediate offense and called for Cantor to apologize thinking he approved of the message, the only probablem is the video was allegedly sent without his knowledge or blessing. Cantor has taken a hit over this and the staffer who created this controversy should tender his resignation or be fired immediately.

Obviously, Windy City Watch is on the other side of Cantor politically but we are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and we feel his spokesman committed in inexcusable offense. It would have been controversial had Cantor approved the release of this video but that by itself would not have been grounds for firing staff, however when someone takes an unauthorized action that negatively impacts the Congressman that person needs to terminated.

The offending video is below:

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