Friday, February 13, 2009


We aren't sure how we missed this in previous years but we are excited to wish everyone HAPPY MISTRESS DAY! For those of you who didn't know of this holiday, like us, Mistress Day is the day that men (and we suspect many women) who are in committed relationships set aside to spend with someone who is not their significant other of record.

Granted we at Windy City Watch may have taken liberties with the definition but we feel that the definition we were provided (the day before Valentine's Day in which married men spent with their mistresses) was not gender, sexual orientation and relationship status inclusive. Now that we know of its existence or at least what it is call we believe many women, members of the GLBT community, and folks in committed relationships who are not married also observe Mistress Day.

In honor of Mistress Day and those who observe it we dedicate the following song to you:

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