Monday, February 02, 2009

The Drew Peterson "engagement" saga is so bizarre

On the CBS's Early Show this morning Drew Peterson's former fiance, Christina Raines and her father Ernest, appeared to discuss her "engagement" to Drew Peterson. During the interview she called it a publicity stunt, but it would appear to us that Drew was not the only one seeking popularity.

What we don't understand is why Ernest Raines showed up at Drew's house accompanied by a crew from CBS NEWS, wearing a wireless microphone. Call us crazy but if this guy was so concerned about his daughter's well being why on earth we he have a news crew tag along. Was this whole saga a gambit for publicity on everyone's part?

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Also, we think Christina Raines needs some serious help. Getting engaged to and living with Drew is problematic BUT so is moving back in with her ex-boyfriend after she left him to be with Peterson. We can't imagine that her relationship with her ex-boyfriend was all that healthy to begin with (considering she left him for Drew) and it will probably be worse after moving back in.

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