Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Note to all designers: Michelle Obama is not OBLIGATED to wear your clothes whenever you expect

Early in the week we learned that the Black Artists Association (BAA) is upset with Michelle Obama for "not wearing anything by an African American designer" during inauguration events last week, now we learn from the Chicago Sun-Times Bill Zwecker that "friends and clients" of Maria Pinto feel the Windy City designer was snubbed and are upset as well.

We are not sure why folks would feel that Mrs. Obama is obligated to wear anyone's fashions. In the case of Pinto, Obama has worn her designs on many occassions, will probably continue to wear her clothes in the future and give the talented Chicago designer well deserved publicity as she has already done. However if Mrs. Obama never ever wears another Pinto outfit she has helped raise the designer's reputation and most likely her bottom line.

As for the BAA, we hope that they understand that the Obamas will be the first family for at least the next four years and there will be many opportunities for the First Lady to wear fashions created by African American designers and we are confident she will.

While the inaugural would have been a great event to have anyone's fashions featured we hope that all designers and their advocates/supporters stop, take a deep breath and let the First Lady make her own fashion choices. We are sure she will give many upcoming talents an opportunity to shine.

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