Monday, January 26, 2009

Live blogging BLAGO on THE VIEW

The show opens without Elisabeth Hasselback, but Barbara Walters appears via satellite. Its unsettling that the producers have put a monitor where she would sit giving the appearance that she is at the table. BTW, Walters teased Blago's appearance. Also Lynn Sweet will be live blogging for the Sun-Times.

10:08AM: Whoopi goes tosses to commercial but teases the upcoming Blago appearance by saying "speaking of integrity and intelligence."

10:11AM: Off topic from THE VIEW but Sweet has posted Oprah's reaction to Blago's saying he wanted to appoint her.

10:12 AM: Walters is introducing Rod, she is "sitting with him" LOL

10:14 AM: Blago claims he was taken out of context when he mentioned Ghandi, King and Mandela.

10:15 AM: Rod--Under no circumstances was I trying to sell a Senate seat

10:16 AM: Walters demands to know if Rod said those things and tells him he might be wasting his time doing media if he doesn't answer the question.

10:17 AM: Walters tells Rod she realizes he won't answers her questions re: selling the Senate seat. Rod keeps talking about when the real story comes out.

10:19 AM: Walters asked Rod where Patti is. She allegedly canceled. Walters read a quote saying that Ald. Mell says Rod uses everyone and implied that is why Patti canceled.

10:20 AM: Rod says Mell's quote was taken out of context. Rod says Patti is home taking care of the kids. Walters says Rod might not like THE VIEW after dealing with the questions thrown at him.

10:24 AM: In defending himself after Walters asked why he wouldn't resign Rod again paints the impeachment as an effort to raise taxes before Memorial Day.

10:24 AM: Commercial break.

10:28 AM: And we are back

10:29 AM: Sheri asks about the Oprah news and Blago acknowledges he wanted to ask her.

10:29 AM: Joy tells Rod he and Patti are potty mouths and he explains that had he known someone was listening he would not have used language like that. Blames himself for this damaging Patti's reputation.

10:31 AM: Whoopi asks why Rod is handling it the way that he is and says people might not take him seriously.

10:33 AM: Rod talks about how they (the legislature) were threatening impeachment even before the charges.

10:34 AM: Rod is bringing up the 6th Amendment and how he is being denied the right to bring witnesses to prove his innocence.

10:35 AM: Joy asks Rod for his Nixon impression, tells him to say "I am not a crook" he does not take the bait. Rod declares he did nothing wrong the ladies cut him off. Joy plays with his hair. Next up Nancy Grace. . .will she talk about Rod?

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