Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wake up NATO/OWS protesters: "If I had to choose between the police and these motherf****, I'm riding with the police,"

I hope every NATO protester/OCCUPY WALL STREET participant understands how bad their self righteous message, or lack thereof, is.  Look at the NSFW comment from a "GANGBANGER*" observing an anti-police brutality rally:

"One gangbanger stood in front of the strip mall across the street from the police station and showed his solidarity with the neighbors who, on any other day, would just as soon hang him from a street lamp by his ankles. 'I agree with these guys: fuck the police,' the banger said, 'But where are these motherfuckers every other day of the year?'

'If I had to choose between the police and these motherfuckers, I'm riding with the police,' he added."

Think about that statement for a moment.  It comes from a post in Chicagoist in which some protesters took to the streets in advance of the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago and marched through a number of working class white neighborhoods to protest police brutality.  For any number of reasons the group that I most likely have more in common with is the protesters, however since the OWS movement began and as we prepare to welcome protesters for the NATO summit its a group that turns me off.

I applaud the OWS movement for drawing attention to the plight of the 99% and the reckless behavior on Wall Street but I cannot do much more than applaud them, I sure as hell don't want to join them.

Before thinking that the "gangbanger" is misguided I challenge the OWS/NATO summit protesters to ask themselves how they can improve their messaging so that the very folks they claim to support would appreciate their efforts.

*I am not sure what criteria the writer used to determine that this observer was a "gangbanger"

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