Monday, March 19, 2012

President Obama should call Bristol Palin per her request and say. . .

Huffington Post and other media outlets are reporting that Bristol Palin feels that President Obama should call her or her mother just like he did Sandra Fluke after she was attacked by Rush Limbaugh. I agree. I have provided the following script for him:

"Hello Bristol, I wanted to call you and offer my encouragement to you. Since your mom is one of the most divisive people who has done everything in her power to divide us, your family has had to deal with some ugly things said about them, similar to the ugly things she has said about my family.

You became a target when you decided to exploit her notoriety to seek fame for than the fact that you are single mother with a jerk of baby daddy and famous mom. What has been said about you is awful. I appreciate your frustration, as you can imagine Michelle and I have had many folks, say ugly things about us, we can understand your frustration. However we understood that when we chose to be in the public eye, we were opening ourselves up to that.

Many young single mothers work hard, go to school and provide loving homes for their children without being made fun of by comedians. I should point out that these single mothers don't seek fame like you do. They don't act as spokespersons for abstinence campaigns, they don't go on Dancing With The Stars, they don't write books and they don't do reality shows. They just want to provide for their children.

I agree that we need to start treating people, especially those we don't agree with, better. You could start by telling your mom to shut up."
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