Monday, April 11, 2011

petition @nbc to #saynotoracism & cancel @apprenticenbc due to @realDonaldTrump's birther racism RT to sign

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Donald Trump’s recent birtherism binge is nothing but simple racism and NBC is profiting off of it. Since he started this disgusting charade the ratings of “The Apprentice” have skyrocketed. It’s time for NBC to let us, the viewers, know where they stand. Do they support racism or not? Are they willing to sacrifice ratings to take a stand against racism or are they happy profiting from racism.

Birtherism is a form of “othering,” which is often used in “dog whistle” racism. It has been long established that Obama was born in Hawaii and he has even presented his “certificate of live birth.” By questioning President Obama’s birth place and demanding to see a birth certificate folks like Trump remind those predisposed to harbor racist feelings that Obama “is not one of us.” Birtherism allows Trump to call Obama the “n-word” without actually saying it.

NBC is directly complicit in Trump’s racism, on Thursday, April 7, he was interviewed on THE TODAY SHOW by Meredith Viera and told blatant lies about Obama’s birthplace by stating that his grandmother claimed he was born in Kenya, which has been proved to be false. Viera did not pushback. Later that morning he appeared on MSNBC’s MORNING SHOW and did the same thing.

While many media outlets have also acted irresponsibly by giving Trump a platform to spew his racism, it is NBC that directly profits from it. Trump is a corporate partner of NBC, in addition to “The Apprentice” they are also partner on the “Miss USA” and “Miss Universe” telecasts. In short NBC is in position to hold Trump accountable for his racism and if they do not act by severing ties with him, we should all assume they endorse his racism.

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