Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Will Jewish runners who observe Yom Kippur be at a disadvantage during the Chicago Marathon?

What should the Chicago Marathon do when it falls the day after Yom Kippur? The marathon is traditionally held on the Sunday before Columbus, which does not conflict with the holiday, however those who will observe it by fasting will be unable to "'carb up' days before a race"

Will runners who observe the Jewish day of Atonement be at a disadvantage? Your thoughts. . .

From today's Chicago Tribune: Jewish runners call foul at marathon schedule
Runners gearing up for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon usually like to "carb up" in the days before a race, eating carbohydrate-laden foods to prepare their bodies for the brutal 26.2-mile run.

But the timing of the 2011 marathon could prove difficult for some runners.

Bank officials said they've recently received calls and e-mails from Jewish runners concerned that the marathon, scheduled for Oct. 9, will conflict with Yom Kippur, which will occur the day before.

The Jewish Day of Atonement, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, requires worshippers to fast, abstaining from food and drink for a 25-hour period, and observant runners will only be able to break the fast the night before the marathon.

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