Sunday, January 23, 2011

Considering Maddow, Schultz, O'Donnell and now Uygur are all on MSNBC I can't fathom. . .

. . .a progressive boycott of the channel.

I still encourage folks to avoid MSNBC's State of the Union coverage on Tuesday night by watching C-SPAN's coverage, including the pre and post speech analysis. This is an excellent opportunity to stand with Keith Olbermann. But we need to support Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O'Donnell and Cenk Uygur. We should not be biting our nose off to spite our face. There are too few progressive voices on the airwaves, MSNBC gives them a platform and we need to support them.

I love Keith and will support his next endeavor, but let me remind everyone what he said about President Obama on December 7th 2010:
"It is not disloyalty to remind him that we are not bound to an individual. We are bound to principles. If the individual changes, or fails often and needlessly, then we get a new man. Or woman. None of that is disloyalty. It is self-defense."
Progressive media is bigger than Keith, supporting MSNBC's primetime line-up is not betrayal of him.

If you piece together the reports/speculation of what lead to his exit from MSNBC it would appear that according to some Keith wanted out, he wanted his freedom. That is an important point to consider when we evaluate our anger at MSNBC, WHICH STILL HAS A PROGRESSIVE PRIME TIME BLOCK!

Also, lets be honest while many respect Keith, it is obvious that Keith was not popular with his colleagues. That is something he needs to work on. It is not grounds for firing but it is something management has to consider when it comes to attracting/retaining talent for the other shows/day parts.

I don't raise this point to call out Keith, quite the opposite, I want him to be successful and to the extent his temperament/personality impacts his career he would be well served to do something about it.

Keith is a smart man who has constantly shown on air humility by acknowledging his on air mistakes. I hope that as he embarks on his next step he considers any off air mistakes he might have made and corrects them.

I am not happy Keith is off of MSNBC, but there are some great people still there who do not need to be punished as a result of it.

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Beefeater said...

Think about this, a boycott of a product or service that very few were buying in the 1st place is just a waste of time anyhow.