Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Everytime someone polls re: Obama being a Muslim they give an illegitimate concern legitimacy. . .

. . .because it all boils down to framing.

When I see the media and its pundits wondering why polls show that a significant number of Americans and majority of Republicans believe that President Obama is either Muslim or too sympathetic to Muslims I laugh because all they need to do is look in the mirror.

Just merely polling whether or not people think the President is a Muslim gives this false concern legitimacy in the minds of some.

I wonder if many of the respondents to these polls wouldn't have given the idea a second thought until they were polled about it, especially the 33% of Republicans who responded that it "Probably wasn't true" to to a recent Newsweek poll. The same poll showed that only 7% of Republicans, yes 7 effing percent, believe it is definitely not true. Are you kidding me?

After the various poll results are published the media spends numerous hours of TV time and hundreds of column inches discussing the results which ends up reinforcing the irresponsible belief that Obama is Muslim and if he were there would be something wrong with it.

I think the media should hold itself accountable for advancing the "Obama is Muslim" meme.

The question shouldn't be "Do you think President Obama is Muslim?"

The question should be "Why is the media legitimizing a lie by polling about it?"

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