Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sarah Palin calls Obama "half white or half Black," wants him to "refudiate" NAACP

During a recent appearance on Sean Hannity’s show on FOX NEWS, in which she was pushing back at the NAACP’s resolution on teabagger* bigotry, Sarah Palin claimed that they didn’t care if President Obama is “half white or half Black.”

While Obama embraces his mixed parentage, he identifies himself as African American, not biracial, not “half white or half Black,” but African American. Folks who are biracial or of mixed heritage have every right to declare how they want to be identified and everyone else should respect their choice.

Make no mistake Palin meant this as a diss, a racial dog whistle, intended to defend teabaggers against charges of racism and other forms of bigotry, while at the same time reminding her like minded audience that he is not like them, he is different.

She is implying that white folks can’t be racist against some one who is “half white,” while at the same time reminding folks he is “half Black.” Let’s not forget that Palin’s buddy, radio host and pill popping bigot Rush Limbaugh refers to Obama as a “Halfrican American.” These references have a purpose and its not a celebration of Obama’s diverse background.

In the same interview Palin called on Obama to “refudiate,” (yeah the crazy lady made up the word “refudiate”) the NAACP for its resolution condemning the teabagger movement for the bigotry that is directed at Obama as well as others.

Think about that now, Palin wants Obama to “refudiate” (I guess that means repudiate) folks who are speaking out against the bigotry directed at him. Seriously?

Whenever the teabaggers get together the bigoted signs and rhetoric are not far behind. Lets not forget the time they called Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights hero, the “n-word,” spit on Congressman Emanuel Clever and called Congressman Barney Frank the “f-word,” all in one day.

The racially charged atmosphere that surrounds the teabaggers’ protest is just sickening. Whether its the picture of Obama dressed up like a witch doctor, Tea Party leader Dale Robertson carrying a sign with the “n-word” on it or the kid carrying a sign that says “Obamanomics: Monkey See/Monkey Spend,” its not surprising that many African Americans, including yours truly, as well as decent people of all backgrounds are alarmed by the overt racism on display at these events.

Rather than Palin pandering to her fellow teabaggers she needs to call them out, “refudiate” their bigotry, accept the NAACP’s resolution and challenge her friends to be above the bigotry that has defined their movement. Anything short of that is unacceptable, but sadly expected.
*I refuse to defame a special moment in American history but comparing this ignorant band of blithering idiots to the true patriots who took part in the Boston Tea Party.


big jonny said...

How it is Hannity calls her "governor"? She never finished her term.

Professor Smartass said...

What black group DOESN'T Fox News and conservatives consider dangerous subversives?

prjacqui said...

1) When Obama was running for president, although he had resigned his mid-term as Senator, he was STILL addressed as Senator Obama.

2) Likely, former Gov. Palin, crosse the words refute and repudiate which have similar meanings and would be easy to do.

3) The NAACP is irrelevant and looking to make themselves important again. Any organization that is archaic enough to still have the term "colored" in their name is L_A_M_E!

Robert Carraher said...

I don't have a problem with her being addressed as Governor. She did serve as Governor and it is a kind of honor like calling a Judge Judge even if he no longer occupies the bench. I do think there is a big difference in "refute" and "repudiate" "Refute" would be to over turn by argument or debate. "Repudiate" would be renounce or cast out by public authority. I have often wondered why the NAACP hasn't changed their name but I still think they stand for good things. Palin is an idiot but good for comic relief every time she opens her mouth.