Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chris Reichert intimidates man with Parkinsons, now he is fearful? Believe it

This is just pathetic.

Chris Reichert, who has been identified as the man who taunted a pro-health care reform Parkinsons patient in Columbus recently, has been desribed by the Columbus Dispatch as "fearful for his family after reading caustic comments about his actions on the Internet."

First of all lets be clear, no one should be making any threats against Reichert, none whatsoever.

While his behavior last week was shameful, decent people do themselves a diservice when they respond with threats of violence, decent people sink to his level when they do this.

Hopefully, Reichert and the other idiots engaging in this horrific behavior will understand that their actions have consequences.

Does Reichert deserve our pity? Hell no! Does he deserve public scorn and ridicule? Hell yes! But lets stop very, very, very far short of resorting to attacks on his wife and children and any threats of violence.

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