Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chicago area bigot posts racist signs, draws media attention then gets support from newspaper readers

When the SouthtownStar, a daily newspaper covering the south side of Chicago and its southern suburbs, reported on the story of Mike Corrigan posting racist signs at his home in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood, early commenters on the newspaper's website came out in support of him.

Although Corrigan displayed a noose alongside a signs with messages like "Say no to the ghetto," and "White power" as well as a sticker that read "White Pride Worldwide," commenters took to his defense.

A sampling of the comments:

hvacman wrote:
This is so true, that crime follows. If it wasn't then why do they leave there neighborhoods and come into ours? To get away from the crime.

mudcat12 wrote:
Being a racist is not illegal. It may be frowned upon by society, but this man has every right to his beliefs.

This is only an article because the liberal media picks up black vs. white stories and milks them dry. Unfortunately, their adjenda doesn't allow them to run many stories of blacks performing acts of racism...only whites.

jessie ventura wrote (Editor's note this obviously not the real Jesse Ventura):
This Corrigan guy hit the nail on the head,its great to see there are some Whites with some guts, and you know what I believe the tide is changing,so to all you out there hang on to your hats the times a changing.
I laugh when the issue of racism comes up, those of us who call it out are told we are over reacting and these are isolated incidents. The comments displayed above are not exclusive to the SouthtownStar, they pop up on almost every newspaper's website whenever the issue of race comes up.

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