Monday, January 04, 2010

Oh no the tea baggers aren't racist, no not at all. . .

. . .I'm struck by this picture that has made the rounds on the on internet today. First I saw it on Wonkette and then Gawker which linked me to The Washington Independent. It is a photo of tea bag leader, Dale Robertson, who is photographed with a sign feature the "n" word, (who cares if it was mispelled).

Now Robertson is not just some run of the mill tea bagger, he actually operates the website, so you could actually call him a leader in the tea bag movement.

This photo illustrates why I have no tolerance for those in the media, such as Bill OReilly of FOX NEWS aka FAUX NEWS and Amanda Carpenter of the Washington Times, who take offense to folks who make fun of the tea baggers.

The tea bagging movement, while not created as a racist movement, definitely is dominated by a bunch of whacko bigots. This movement is just as much as about hate as it is about patriotism. As a matter of fact the patriotism is used by the tea baggers to mask their hate.

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Jara said...

What I find most interesting (besides the misspelling) is that the sign is making the point that the average American citizen will be treated like a "niggar". So there's an acknowledgment that being called a "niggar" or treated like a "niggar" is protest-worthy.

If you roll the logic around enough in your head, these bigots become civil rights activists.

Thanks, hatriots.