Thursday, November 26, 2009

I call BS on this whole Angelina Jolie calling Obama a "socialist." You really think a UN GOODWILL. . .

. . . AMBASSADOR would attack the president from the right by calling him a socialist?


For those who have not heard the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is reporting that US Magazine is reporting that an unnamed source is claiming that Ms. Jolie, with her fine ass (editorial comment all mine), is calling President Obama a socialist.

Unnamed source? Methinks that would be her dad, Jon Voight, a well known tea bagger.

Forget Obama for a second and just focus on Angelina Jolie, her husband, their children and the work that they do. Now marinate on that for a few minutes. Do you really think she would call anyone a socialist or better yet do you think she is the type of person who view socialism as being a bad thing?

I could see her being upset with Obama as it relates to his priorities, a lot of progressives are frustrated, but do you really, really think that she would express her frustration by calling him a socialist? She and Brad probably do argue about whether Obama has the right priorities, but do you really think the is calling him a socialist?

It would not be unlike her to criticize Obama, but I think she would be hitting from the left, not the right. I could see her calling him a "corporatist" before calling him a "socialist."

No doubt the folks on the right who hate Hollywood, but love right leaning celebs, will pounce on this and some on the left who have knee jerk reactions to everything will quickly attack Jolie over this.

I just hope folks take a deep breath and see how this plays out. I suspect a denial is soon to follow.

This sounds like she talked to dear old dad, she expressed her frustrations with Obama and his priorities, and it is dad, er uh the "unnamed source" that is the one calling him a socialist.

From the NY Daily News:

Angelina Jolie 'hates' President Barack Obama: 'She thinks he is really a socialist in disguise'

BY Nicole Carter

Angelina Jolie isn't happy with the state of politics today … and that includes President Barack Obama.

"She hates him," a source close to the actress said in the latest issue of Us Weekly magazine. "She's into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise."

Despite her displeasure with the leader of the Democrats, the 34-year-old actress is reportedly not a Republican like her father, actor Jon Voight.

Jolie, who has been a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador since 2001, is said to think the President is all "smoke and mirrors."

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