Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Lakes GITMO? Did Mark Kirk flunk geography?

This morning, while appearing on Chicago's FOX32, Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) who is running for the Republican nomination for US Senate in Illinois, referred to the proposal to move terror suspects to the Thomson Correctional Center as the "Great Lakes GITMO."

"Great Lakes GITMO?" Is he kidding?

The Hill also shares the following quote from Kirk:

"I will offer the Kirk Amendment to the upcoming supplemental appropriations bill requiring a ‘Homeland Insecurity Impact Statement’ on the potential impact on O’Hare and the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago before federal funds can be used to bring al Qaeda terrorists to Illinois."

Did Kirk flunk geography? Evidently, because his "concerns," aka political grandstanding, are baseless if you consider that the Thomson Correctional Center is almost on the banks of the Mississippi River and is 152 miles from the nearest Great Lake, Michigan. Additionally, he should also be reminded that O'Hare is 145 miles away, while the Willis (Sears) Tower is 148 miles away.

Facts? Don't let them get in the way of a baseless political attack.

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