Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama didn't take their guns as promised by conservative media, so now we have an armed resistance to health care reform

"We will forcefully resist people imposing their will on us through the strength of the majority with a vote," said “Chris” the man seen sporting a hand gun and an AR-15 rifle in Phoenix, AZ as folks gathered to protest for or against health care reform as they waited on President Barack Obama who was in town to address the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention. “Chris” was only one of a dozen people who were armed according to Talking Points Memo.

Last week William Kostric showed up to protest outside of a health care town hall meeting Obama was holding in Portsmouth, NH, was photographed with a gun strapped to his leg and held a sign that read “It is time to water the tree of liberty” which many people believe to be a reference to Thomas Jefferson’s quote "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." (Windy City Watch 8.12.09).

These are not common and responsible gun owners exercising their Second Amendment rights, but political terrorists acting in a provocative manner in an effort to intimidate some and to taunt local and federal law enforcement officials. This is armed resistance in search of a cause.

Conservative media figures such as Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Mike Gallagher, and G. Gordon Liddy have been stoking fears of some gun owners by warning that President Obama was going to take their guns away (Media Matters 4.09.09). There have been a number of reports of people buying up as many guns as possible and stockpiling loads of ammunition as a result of this fear mongering.

Despite these warnings Obama has not taken their guns, as a matter of fact he recently signed a bill that would allow guns in national parks so it is safe to say he has expanded the rights of gun owners.

So what do you do if you have been worked into a frenzy about President Obama taking your guns and he didn’t do it? What do you do if you have prepared for an armed resistance by hoarding guns and ammo but there is no gun grab to resist?

You make up a reason, an excuse to take up arms and take to the streets. You target health care!

Only in America can an attempt by the President and Congress to make sure that EVERY CITIZEN is given access to affordable health care be met with armed resistance.

Let’s look at the quote from “Chris” again "We will forcefully resist people imposing their will on us through the strength of the majority with a vote."

Say what? These folks “forcefully resist” change that an overwhelming majority of Americans voted for in November of 2008?

Kudos to local authorities, the Secret Service, FBI and ATF in showing restraint in dealing with these kooks. not escalating any kind of confrontation with them, and not giving Second Amendment advocates any red meat to complain about, but enough is enough. If not addressed immediately this will only get worse.

Last week it was one guy with a gun, yesterday it was 12, who knows how many will show next time. President Obama has the best security of anyone in the world, but I fear further tolerance of these provocative acts will eventually lead to a violent confrontation between these political terrorists and those of us who have peacefully exercised our “strength of the majority with a vote."


Gerald said...

"Say what? These folks “forcefully resist” change that an overwhelming majority of Americans voted for in November of 2008?" 53% to 46% is an overwhelming majority??? You must be stoned. Reagan over Mondale was overwhelming, Bush over Dukakis was overwhelming, hell even Clinton over Bush was overwhelming. Bush over Kerry and Obama over McCain are close elections. Second you don't wait for the government to take your rights away and then try and have it reversed. You express your position legally and respectfully. If these people were doing something illegal they would have been arrested. People still have rights in this country and they were well within their rights. This is about people making the statement that they don't want government messing with their rights. It is about time citizens in this country got more involved in politics. Maybe we would vote some better people in office. There are bad politicians both Democrat and Republican and people keep voting them back in. It is about time people do their civic duty and investigate who they are voting for.

Ill and Uninsured in Illinois said...

Will someone please explain to me how letting me have health care takes away anyone else's rights?

Michael said...

FWIW, Reagan v Mondale 59%-41%, Bush v Dukakis 53%-46% (hmm where have I heard that before?), Clinton v GHW Bush 43%-37% (if you ignore Perot's votes, you again normalize to 53%-47%), Clinton v Dole 49-41 (again, normalizing to 54-46), Gore v Bush 48.4-47.9 (close indeed!), GW Bush v Kerry 51-48 (not so close).

Reagan v Mondale is the only race that is significantly less balanced than Obama vs McCain - certainly if you count GHW Bush as "a blowout", then Obama's victory qualifies equally.

Gerald said...

You are right on the blowouts, I mistakenly looked at some of the electoral vote rather than the popular vote. Which just proves my point more, there are no blowouts. No overwhelming majority demanded change in this country. Does healthcare need change? Yes. Do we need the government to control it? Right now they control roughly 40% of healthcare in medicaire, medicare and the VA and all three are bankrupt. How about letting people by health insurance across state lines, tort reform, reducing the amount of duplicate testing.... and it shouldn't take a bill 1100 pages long to get the job done. The other thing is you can't force people to have health insurance by fining them 2.5% of their income if they don't buy it.