Saturday, August 08, 2009

Kenneth Gladney is a fraud, being pimped by tea baggers

Members of the "tea bagger" (aka POLITICAL TERRORIST) movement held a press conference in St. Louis today to "decry" the alleged attack by "union thugs" on "Black conservative" Kenneth Gladney (we mention "Black conservative" because the "tea baggers" felt the Gladney's race was relevant, however these same conservatives are quick to call someone out for playing the "race card").

During today's press conference Kenneth Gladney was in a wheel chair and unable to speak because he was on pain killers. But for some reason he was not in a wheel chair and was able to speak when he made numerous appearances on FOX NEWS ("Your Money w/Neil Cavuto" "The O"Reilly Factor") on 8.7.09.

He claims he was punched in the face numerous times and kicked in the head, however his face looks fine. Additionally, when you watch video of the "incident" he is walking around after the alleged assault without any noticeable limp. This guy is nothing but a pure fraud, being used by the tea baggers. Why was this fool able to speak on FOX NEWS but unable to speak from his wheel chair today? Also, he had a frickin' ace bandage on his knee, you would think if this was a serious knee injury that would cause him to be in a wheel chair he would either be in a cast or a brace.


Secret said...

Apparently Police saw it for their own eyes and six SEIU goons have been arrested for it. Go right ahead ignore facts you guys can't even sell this lemon of a health care policy to 97% of the Democrat constituents who like their health coverage.

One more thing to depress you: Gallup surveys show we conservatives 41 progressives 21 for every one you are gaining we are gaining 2. And we are ahead 7 points in the latest generic ballot. HA HA!

Mary said...

Political Party Affiliation: 30 States Blue, 4 Red in '09 So Far

wndycty said...

Secret we look forward to the court case and lets see if anyone goes to jail for this manufactured atrocity. BTW did you know that Gladney might have been a failed cop who was sued for brutality. Oh the richness.

baldilocks said...

Name the law that Gladney broke, wndycty.

Secret said...

The video is out there. Even on the SEIU website they can't find any of their thugs to support their position in the comments section.
Who cares what Mr. Gladney did previously WE ARE TALKING ABOUT WHAT THE THUGS DID IN THE VIDEO! THE HERE AND NOW. Let me change the subject on you. If you wish to attack Mr. Gladney you are saying that Windy City Watch supports the lynching of black men in the United States of America.

But that isn't anything new for the Progressive Left. They Supported the Lynching of Clarence Thomas, Janice Rodgers Brown and they elevated a Grand Wizard of the KKK all the way to the Majority Leader of the US Senate who is still languishing there.

Our movement is building. One day soon you will come to appreciate that. So say what you want. We will be silent no more until this government stops its tyranny over its citzens.

Secret said...

At the other end of Stevenson Expwy no one believes you

cousinavi said...

Secret: Blogger since February 2009.

Just another troll.