Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oops they did it again. . .rightwing POUTRAGE crowd fails . . .again, this time with laughable “Fire Dave” protest

If the lunatic fringe of the right wing continues its random POUTRAGE protests (such as Tea Bagging) they need to get together, hire effective organizers, get their facts straight and work on messaging. They out did themselves when they staged a protest, with more media in attendance than protesters, outside of "Late Night with David Letterman" in response to his joke about Sarah Palin's daughter.

A quick analysis of the above video produced by the New York Magazine finds the following:

00:20--Crazy Lady #1 (CL1) complains about Letterman making joke about a 14 year old at an
"American basketball game." Note to CL1, it was a baseball game.

00:40--CL1 calls Jay Leno a class act, while we like Jay and think he has class we find it odd that CL1 is not POUTRAGED about the numerous jokes that he has made about Bristol Palin (HuffPo: "Leno Told Similar Joke About Palin's Daughter")

00:45--Crazy Lady #2 (CL2) calls Letterman a "schmuck" then asks "do you know what schmuck means in Jewish?" Well, we do know what "schmuck" means in Yiddish but we would like her to enlighten us about what it means in Jewish.

00:56--Crazy Man #1 (CM1) egged on by a raging CL2 throws out wing nut buzzwords "communist," fascist"

1:17--CL1 returns to let us know Letterman had a "daughter" out of wedlock, without realizing it was a son.

1:21--CL2 gets the gender of Letterman's child correct and out does the comedian when she says that he as "a bastard son and a slut for a wife." Woah NellY!

1:25--CM2, who is white, admonishing an African American woman and tells her "wake up socialism is evil." When she tries to respond he waves his finger at her, works his neck (we guess that how he was told that was how Black folk communicate) and screams "you think you are soooo smart, you think you know soooo much" and to reinforce he can keep it real with Black folk he snaps his finger.

1:38--CL2 evidently realizing that undocumented workers were responsible for Letterman's joke says "close the borders."

1:45 Crazy Lady 3 (Cl3) really brings the crazy screaming "Keep children safe from David Letterman's mouth! He will rape them with his mouth." As she does this Richard and Sal from the "Howard Stern Show" (we are big fans) stage a mock make out session with one another right behind her.

One can only imagine her reaction if she turned around to see that.

Other coverage of the "Fire David Letterman" protests:

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S. Denice Newton said...

Thank you for this link! It really does sum up the nuttiness of the moment. My God, how much lower can members of the GOP sink before they're literally in hell? Oh, my bad, they already are in hell! These "aging-got nothing better to do-crazy women" need to get a hobby. I hear knitting is making a strong comeback!And the sissy who stated he only watches Fox News is mentally disturbed. Keep coming Repubs, 2010 and 2012 will not be good for you.