Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tom Coburn is an A-HOLE, the first shooting in a National Park is blood on his hands. . .

Today the US House just approved legislation that Reuters reports will "curb sudden credit card interest rate hikes and hidden fees." This law is important for many Americans who need relief from credit card companies who have taken advantage of the system for years, HOWEVER Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) saw this an opportunity to SNEAK in a provision that allows people to carry guns in nation parks.

It is absolutely ridiculous to exploit credit card reform by adding this amendment to the legislation. It put lawmakers in a bind, either vote for the entire bill, which includes the gun provision, or look like you don't care about helping out working Americans.

If there is an increase in gun violence at our national parks Sen. Coburn will have blood on his hands.


Aspasia said...

There should be legislation that demands that any riders to bills be relevant.

Bruce said...

"Asshole" is too forgiving, because in so adding this amendment, Coburn places himself at the apogee of bonehead political maneuvers. I really am not familiar with his record, and I certainly don't hold being from Oklahoma against him, but ferchrissakes where is his brain? I do believe that this kind of public idiocy is a convincing case for ..... what? Damned if I can think of a remedy for having people like this around at all, much less in positions of power. Crap.