Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh oh Deadspin calls wants to know, and so do we, who Marmol's date is. . .

From Deadspin: Carlos Marmol Leaves Team To Be With Wife (Not Pictured: His Wife)

Cub reliever Carlos Marmol is taking a leave of absence from his day job to fly to New York, as his wife is scheduled to give birth there this week. So then who was the very non-pregnant "female companion" he was snuggling with two weeks ago?

The otherwise uninteresting transaction note in today's paper would have gone unnoticed by all but the most hardcore NL-only fantasy players, were it not for the pictures taken at an MMA event in Chicago on May 15. On that night, Marmol was not shy about his love for hand-to-hand combat sports, nor was he shy about the young lady who accompanied him to the fight. The unidentified gal was not named as his wife, his girlfriend, or some sort of really close family friend, but she did express a desire to not see his pretty face tampered with.

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