Sunday, May 10, 2009

Note to Michael Steele: Obama was not laughing w/you, but at you for the minstrel show you've become

Since everyone is doing their analysis of the White House Correspondents Dinner and I had to do mine. After watching President Obama crack on Michael Steele I realized how pathetic the first Black chairman of the GOP has become.
"Michael Steel is in the house tonight, or as he would say in the 'hizzy'. . .whassup!" Obama joked.
While the first Black President of the United States does have a certain flavor and swagger (CNN's Kyra Phillips should notice that even though I am Black I spell and pronounce it correctly), he is also redefining the way America views Black men, Steele on the other hand plays to a lot of stereotypes of Black men.

I am not sure who Steele is trying to appeal to when he calls people "baby," and pledges to be "off the hook." Some of us Black folks do talk like that. I will acknowledge using slang and my "Blackcent" when appropriate. . . you know when I'm kicking back with friends, around the water cooler, talking trash with my college buddies, when I am trying to entertain my "non-Black" friends in other informal situations, WHEN I DON'T EXPECT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! Is Steele auditioning to host "106th and Park" or is he the chairman of the GOP?

Steele should understand that there is nothing wrong with keeping it "real," however I doubt he knows what "real" is.

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