Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Racism in Wrigley's Bleachers?

Rather than seeing this as an indictment of all Cubs fans or being defensive about it Cubs fans will be well served if they just shut up the next idiot who makes a racist comment. If the fans institute their own zero tolerance policy players will talk about how Wrigley has gotten better.

I bet a lot of folks are shocked to learn that the Torii Hunter passed on the Chicago Cubs because of the perception that there are racists hanging out in the bleachers.

Chicago Sun-Times: Crowd burst
Potential storm in forecast as volatile outfielder meets fans known for racist taunts, but Bradley sure he can handle bleacher creatures

April 15, 2009

Milton Bradley says he's aware of Wrigley Field's reputation for fans who not only boo their own players, but also have a history of getting racial.

He also says he's ready for it.

''I can be like that guy that you watch all the time for whatever reason,'' he said, referring to his track record of angry outbursts and run-ins. ''But I really think I've outgrown it, a lot of the stuff that I did when I was younger.''

Still, this seems at first glance a curious marriage between the Cubs and their newest big-money free agent, who's expected to return from a groin injury during this weekend's home series against the St. Louis Cardinals. And it might prove to be the biggest test of the new man Bradley says he is at this point in his life and career.

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