Wednesday, April 29, 2009

John Kass calls out Illinois Senate Bill 1607

Chicago Tribune: Environment is right for debris, not reform

John Kass
April 29, 2009

After the Illinois Reform Commission released its recommendations Tuesday about cleaning up our state of corruption, it's obvious our politicians are dragging their heels on reform.

But when it comes to taking care of clout-heavy asphalt/construction king Michael Vondra, they sure step lively.

Vondra, 57, a big-time political contributor, is boss of Reliable Asphalt, which last year received a $130 million city road construction contract from Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. Vondra also runs several quarries among his many business ventures.

On Wednesday, the House Environment and Energy Committee takes up Senate Bill 1607 modifying state environmental law. Quarries in Cook County -- such as Vondra's -- would be free to accept construction debris that previously had to go into regulated landfills.

Chicago Sun-Times 1.12.09: Asphalt king to gov: Help

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