Thursday, March 05, 2009

Two men attack outspoken community activist Greg Brewer at his home

Windy City Watch has learned that community activist, and former 50th ward candidate for alderman, Greg Brewer was the victim of an attack this week when a man showed up at his house, knocked on his door, asked for him by name, pulled him outside, punched him and was quickly accompanied by another man who joined in as both men kicked and punched Brewer.

Brewer, who runs the website “Citizens for Responsible Development,” has been very outspoken in his opposition to the planned redevelopment of a property at the corner of Rockwell and Devon. He has been highly critical of both Alderman Bernard Stone, who he unsuccessfully challenged in 2007, and the project’s developer Mohammed Siddiqi.

After rumors started circulating throughout his far north side neighborhood, Brewer confirmed the attack with a posting on the popular West Rogers Park Yahoo Group :

“Early Monday evening around 5:45pm I heard a knock at the door. As I approached the door I could see a man about my height, perhaps in his thirties, waiting. I opened the door and said hello. He asked if I was Greg Brewer. I said I was. He repeated my name and extended his right arm as if to shake hands. As I took his hand he tightened his grip, grabbed my wrist with his other hand and pulled me out of the house onto the front porch. I resisted. We both lost our balance. He swung and punched me in the face. As I tumbled down the stairs, a second man, previously unseen, joined in. They punched and kicked me and then took off running. I assume they were parked or had someone waiting in the alley nearby. In any case, they were gone. We called 911 and made a full police report.”

The attack has caught the attention of other West Rogers Park residents who feel that the attack was an act of intimidation.

“This attack was meant to send a message to all of us who dare to rock the boat. Just like graffiti, this mugging is a sign about who's in charge in this neighborhood,” posted a member of the Yahoo group.

While we at Windy City Watch have no idea who attacked Brewer we do not believe this is a random act of violence given the fact the alleged assailant knocked on his door and asked for him by name. Our intent with this post is to let the SUN SHINE on what we feel is a very troubling attack on a community activist.

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no more mafia in 50th said...

i'm still pondering if these are tariq siddiqui's goons or alderman stone's -ANY ONE knows please answer.