Monday, March 02, 2009

So this is why Mika Brzezinski has become such a right wing hack lately

As we have all seen recently Mika Brzezinski has become worse and worse, and has been doing a lot more right wing water carrying. Additionally, she has been SINGING the praises of Rush Limbaugh and we couldn't figure out why, but now we know:

MORNING JOE on the radio is Rush's lead-in on WABC-AM. Are we the only ones who missed this? This really does explain a lot and more importantly it explains why Mika is so compromised and has absolutely no more credibility as a journalist.

Folks this is kind of huge to us because if you know ANYTHING about WABC-AM its a MAJOR RIGHT WING OUTLET, akin to being the FOX NEWS of radio (even though there already is a FOX NEWS radio network) and Mika's "fairness" to the right has nothing to do with being objective, as it once may have been, right now it's ALL ABOUT pandering to her fans on the radio (which potentially can result in way more $$$ than she is getting on MSNBC).

Other hosts on WABC-AM include: Don Imus, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Curtis Silwa. How the hell can anyone expect Mika to be objective when discussing these hate mongers if she is on the same payroll with them?

Whenever she sings his praises on MSNBC she should forced to disclose that she works with him on WABC-TV just like NBC/MSNBC talent have to acknowledge that the network is owned by General Electric.

From the NY Times 12/5/08 [b]‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Add Radio to Routine[/b]
By Brian Stelter

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the hosts of the MSNBC program “Morning Joe,” will add two hours of talk radio to their daily routine, starting Monday. They will host the 10 a.m.-to-noon slot on the New York news-talk station WABC, an arrangement that they hope will expand nationwide next year.

“It’s going to be a lot like my TV show,” Mr. Scarborough said in an appearance on an Alabama radio station Thursday.

Mr. Scarborough said WABC would be the main station for the program. He said he expects it will expand to KABC in Los Angeles “in a couple months,” as part of a syndication strategy.

Given his television commitments, “it’ll be a heck of a schedule,” he said. “But these are very, very exciting times.”

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Da' Militant One said...

Mika is definitely not like her father,Zbigniew Brzezinski. She and Joe better think twice about having him do the radio show because he is liable to give them his honest and blunt assessment about Rushbo the Clown.