Saturday, February 21, 2009

What exactly is Mike Baricle trying to say about race?

On Thursday of this week we discussed Pat Buchanan's behavior on HARDBALL and his introduction of crime statistics and out of wedlock births when discussing Attorney General Eric Holder's speech on race. We questioned why Buchanan resorted to this tactic and what it contributed to the discussion.

Later in the same program, Mike Barnicle who was sitting in for Chris Matthews, made the following statement:

"But, you know, Matt, again, I think I understand where the attorney general was coming from. I appreciate where he‘s coming from. And yet, not to mention the collapse of the black family, teenage parenting, babies having babies. The fact that the dropout rate in many inner city schools, largely African-American, is horrendous, that adds up to the fact of why they‘re not living next door to us in the suburbs."

While Matt Tiabbi kind of, sort of concured, the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart looked like he had something to say about Barnicle's comment but time ran out.

Huh? What?

Is Barnicle saying that when discussing race Holder was obligated to mention the "collapse of the black family, teenage parenting, babies having babies?"

Also, why is Barnicle citing the dropout rate as a reason for:
"why they‘re* not living next door to us** in the suburbs?"

Does he not realize that when a whole bunch of upwardly mobile, educated Black folks with GOOD jobs move into the suburbs many white folks move out of those suburbs? The dropout rate that Barnicle talks about is not the cause of white flight.

During Holder's speech he said "Imagine if you will situations where people- regardless of their skin color- could confront racial issues freely and without fear."

We agree with that sentiment, we APPLAUD Barnicle for having the courage to speak honestly about race and we will give him the benefit of the doubt on the above statement pending his explanation so:

Barnicle, what exactly were you trying to say?

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