Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Right wing blowhard Roe Conn ridicules Henrietta Hughes

We knew it wouldn't take long for right wingers to ridicule Henrietta Hughes, the woman who tearfully recounted living in her car due to homelessness to President Barack Obama in Fort Myers, Florida today.

Roe Conn took her to task and mocked her for wanting a kitchen, as if she was trying to get her house remodeled. Anyone with brain and/or heart, Conn has neither, understands that Ms. Hughes was talking about the stress of living in her car and how she needs help. Her reference to the kitchen was about needing the basics to live and regaining her dignity.

When a caller tried to explain what Hughes was saying and talked about the plight of the homeless that she witnesses in her Chicago suburb she was mocked as well.

Click here to listen.

UPDATED NOTE: Thanks to Oliver Willis for sharing this post to his readers! Welcome to Oliver and his readers!


Celeste said...

Shame on him. I've heard lots of people here mocking her-but you all need to remember-there but for the grace of God and LOTS of luck go you. Shame, shame, shame on you all for mocking and making fun of her-so many other unfortnate americans have lost everything too. She needed help, and asked-and thankfully was helped.

Sandra said...

What a Republican blow-heart!!!!! Mocking the homeless???? Remember that YOU could be wearing the same shoes - just thank God you are not! If it had been Bush at that town meeting he would have igonored her and walked away - PRESIDENT Obama has both a heart and a brain which you seem to be lacking. President Obama can also answer UNSCREENED questions that come directly from anyone in the audience, give intelligent answers, and NOT mangle the English language.

Tom said...

Calling Roe Conn a "right wing blowhard" is asinine. The man backed Obama's candidacy and mostly supports his agenda now that he's in office. He often mocks Limbaugh and other right wing cronies. To call his remarks about this homeless woman "insensitive" is fair, but don't skew his politics to prove your point.