Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rick Santelli is a PUNK who needs to MAN UP!

Rick Santelli is quickly proving what type of simple PUNK he is. As you know he gained notoriety for his rant against the housing bailout plan and called for a "Chicago Tea Party" on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange live on CNBC. However when White House spokesman Robert Gibbs needled Santelli during a recent press briefing the CNBC correspondent freaked out.

This morning on the TODAY SHOW he denied saying the White House threatened him when Matt Lauer called him out on it, only to imply they were threatening him later in the same segment. He also threw his wife under the bus by claiming one of the reasons he felt threatened was because his wife and friends felt he was threatened.

Oh yeah, he is also upset the White House press corps laughed at him when Gibbs made a joke about him and coffee.

On Monday this week he whined to Roe Conn of WLS-AM during a phone interview, claiming that the White House was trying to intimidate him and threaten his First Amendment rights.

"A press secretary of calling me out by name, asking where I live is a little bit scary," cried Santelli to Conn. "I think that the issue with Mr. Gibbs, I really think that was reprehensible that in country like America no matter who you vote for I think freedom of the press asking questions shouldn't be viewed and reporters shouldn't be called out by name by any administration in the United States of America."

Santelli is a joke. If he is going to throw bombs he has to be prepared for incoming fire, even if it is from the White House. He must have flunked high school civics because the First Amendment does not prohibit the White House from responding when criticized. Since his rant on the CME floor he has continued his battle with the White House, if his freedom of speech were truly being threatened then they would have shut him up a long time ago.

The fact that he is upset that members of the media were laughing at him shows how much of a little weasel he is. He can dish it out, but he obviously can't take it.

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