Monday, February 23, 2009

Lou Dobbs is in DENIAL when it comes to threats facing President Obama

By John V. Moore

Lou Dobbs, who we feel is one of the most intolerant and ignorant media personalities in the world today, told a listener on his radio show today that the notion that threats to President Barack Obama's safety are greater than other presidents is basically unfounded .

Is the man insane? Wait, don't reply, we know the answer.

This is not about victimization and a blind assumption that the first African American president might be targeted, its about the fact that President Obama received a ton of threats, many with racial overtones, while he was a candidate and before he even received his party's nomination.

Attorney General Eric Holder urged us to have an honest discussion about race, evidently Dobbs does not want to be a part of that discussion. He and his ilk like to acknowledge racism exists, but they DENY it whenever it is pointed out to them and then MANUFACTURE pseudo racist situations to complain about in order to fit their ideological agenda.

The ironic thing is Dobbs was discussing the reaction to Holder's comments as well as the racist NY Post cartoon. Maybe its time for folks to stop dissecting what Holder said and take his advice.

What Dobbs fails to acknowledge when he ridicules the listener for mentioning the threats facing President Obama is that as a candidate he received Secret Service protection earlier than any other candidate besides then Sen. Hillary Clinton, who was entitled to it as a former First Lady. Dobbs needs to be honest with himself and his listeners and acknowledge that reason why Obama received that protection so early.

Click here for to hear Lou Dobbs show his ignorance.

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Vetavicki said...

Lou Dobbs is just like Rush Limbaugh. They both want President Obama to fail. Dobbs made a big deal of becoming an Independent because he did not like the corrupt things Bush was doing. But now he has been only able to find great fault with Obama from the moment he began running for the presidency. Dobbs is a hardcore neocon republican who has really disappointed a lot of people who thought he was better than this.