Friday, February 20, 2009

It must be a cold day in hell, but we agree with John Kass re: coverage of Black politicians

We don't normally agree with John Kass but his column today makes some interesting points. Essentially he is noticing that it appears when the media is covering allegations of corruption there would appear to be a double standard when it comes to covering African American versus white politicians.

We agree with the overall premise of his piece but we also must acknowledge what we know will be the media's defense of their practices: the media was EXTREMELY hard on Rod Blagojevich. That will be their defense and we are confident they will stick to it.

John Kass in the Chicago Tribune: Coverage of corruption has hypocritical scent
John Kass
February 20, 2009

Watching the Chicago media pack take chunks out of Roland Burris this week—and after taking a few bites out of the lying weasel myself—I couldn't help but wonder:

When it comes to covering corruption, is there a media double standard, one for weak black politicians and another for powerful white guys?

African-Americans like the hapless Sen. Tombstone, or Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, the Urkel of local politics, deserve the thwackings they get. When Burris or Stroger give a foolish non-answer, that or even a no-comment becomes news, evidence of their nefariousness. Not so with the much pinker bosses, like Mayor Richard Daley or Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Lisa's Daddy), two bullies who believe in democracy as long as they can play king.

Burris' few lies to a state impeachment committee are nothing compared with the hundreds of millions devoured by corruption in the Daley administration. And Madigan still hasn't been held to account for his flunky, state Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Madigan), holding onto the bombshell Burris affidavit—the one in which Burris revealed his earlier lies under oath—by slipping it into her desk drawer.

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