Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It is hard for Sarah Palin to claim her family off limits when they put themselves in play. . .

We believe that the children, even adult children, of politicians are off limits because they did not sign up to be in the spotlight. However when the children decide to seek out the spotlight the rules change and they open themselves up for scrutiny. Ronald Reagan's children, one even posed for Playboy, and John F. Kennedy's have put themselves in the spotlight and gave up their privacy.

Once Governor Sarah Palin was introduced to America we were told by her and others that her family was off limits, including her daughter Bristol who was pregnant by her boyfriend Levi Johnston. Up until February 16 we agreed with those who said she was off limits, but after she agreed to be interviewed by Greta Van Susteren on FOX NEWS and saying she wants to be an advocate against teen pregnancy we feel that Bristol has declared herself a public figure.

We don't feel she should be scrutinized for the sake of scrutiny, but the claim she is "off-limits" no longer applies.

By the way what we found it interesting that this wasn't a situation where Governor Palin was being interviewed and Bristol happened to be available, but an interview scheduled with Bristol that the Governor did not find out about until the day before. If Bristol Palin is booking her own interviews she is definitely not "off-limits."

-snip- But this was not the only surprise Bristol Palin said she had for her mother, Alaska's youngest governor. She told Van Susteren she had only told her mother she was doing this national television interview - in which Van Susteren and crew flew to Alaska - one day prior to the taping. -snip-

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regina said...

We all believe Sarah didn't know about Bristol's interview until the day before don't we?