Monday, February 23, 2009

iPhone Game review: Pay2Play, cute novelty but boring and confusing

The internet is abuzz with the release of Pay2Play, a new iPhone application which allows users to pretend they are the Governor of Illinois and gives them opportunity to buy and sell among other things Senate seats in an effort to get out of debt.

Although the initial press reports refer to disgraced Governor Blagojevich, his name is never mentioned and one could assume the game also targets imprisoned Governor Ryan because it allows you to sell driver licenses in addition to Senate seats, Cushy Jobs, Contracts, Cemetary Voters, Teamsters, Liquor Licenses, Pizzas and Alcopop.

The game casts a wider net than Blago/Ryan and even goes after organized labor, implying that Governor (user) is in debted to the unions who out to collect:

You don't have much time left in office. You know getting impeached and all.
Da thing is that you still owe some monies to da unions in this town.
You got 30 days to pay them off and make as much as you can.
So lets get to it! Those senate seats dont (sic) sell themselves.

Our review:
We are still trying to figure out how to play the damn thing, but our initial impression is its a cute novelty that is worth the $1.99 price.

Click here to visit the Pay2Play iTunes page.

From the Yanki.Jp website:
Pay2Play Ever wanted to be an Illinois governor? Well now you can! Pay2Play is the game of trading and danger. How much money can YOU make selling senate seats? Head all over Illinois trading your way to success! You have 30 days to pay back the unions, make tons of cash, and get out of town all before getting impeached! Transposing a trading game such as Dopewars with a slick interface on the iPhone. Also a gaming first! Alcopops make it to the game scene for the first time. See what Illinois politicians have been so worried about! Pay2Play… a time honored tradition as old as voting early and voting often!

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