Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama plans potential February homecoming, we urge him to fly into Gary

The Chicago Tribune posted a story tonight about a potential homecoming for President Barack Obama in February, over Presidents' Day Weekend. The article mentioned that administration officials are considering the Gary/Chicago Airport as a potential place to land Air Force One. It is the belief of Windy City Watch that this is an excellent choice.

Gary is a depressed city and the subtle message that Obama would send by landing there is that under his administration there will be no forgotten communities in this country. The revenue that would be generated by tourists everytime Obama comes to town would be a shot in the arm to the city's depressed economy and the citizens of Gary would beam with special pride knowing that the first African American president has chosen this predominately Black community as the landing place for Air Force One when he returns home.

Choosing Gary/Chicago Airport may also have an operational benefit in that it should keep Air Force One from disrupting the regular operations at both Midway and O'Hare Aiports. Gary/Chicago is "lightly used" as the Tribune puts it.

WBEZ-FM (NPR/Chicago): Gary Airport Aims High (12/18/08)

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