Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cook County Government embarrasses itself. . .again

Folks like Donna Dunnings are what make Cook County government an embarrassment. The flipping of the bird is bad enough but when questioned about it she blew it off as a joke and then said of the folks who took issue with it, "f--- 'em." Seriously, we are no prudes and are know to use salty language but if Ms. Donna expects to be respected as a county official she should have been more contrite. Additionally, Todd Stroger needs to reprimand her not only for flipping the bird but her response.

Chicago Sun-Times: Cook County's official bird?
FLIPPING OUT | Dunnings' 'joke' draws little laughter from the target of wayward finger
BY MARK J. KONKOL Cook County Reporter

Call it a Mike Ditka moment.

Cook County Chief Financial Officer Donna Dunnings made an obscene gesture -- displaying her middle finger -- to the Sheriff's Department's budget director during a meeting in the County Board room this week.

Dunnings, who is President Todd Stroger's cousin, was walking to the dais during budget amendment discussions Thursday when she paused to flip off Alexis Herrera, who had previously worked for Dunnings.

"It was a joke," Dunnings said. "I was teasing with a former employee. We tease all the time. If someone thinks it's more than that, f--- 'em."

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