Friday, September 14, 2007

Duck beats down Cougar in mascot dust-up!

Even though its real you can help but laugh at the sight of one mascot working over another. Here is a report and a video of the Oregon Duck beating up the Houston Cougar last week.

Oregon mascot suspended

Chronicle News Services

Oregon's Duck mascot has been suspended for a game because of an altercation with the University of Houston mascot, Shasta, in the season opener.

Apparently, the Duck became upset when the Cougar imitated one of the Duck's trademarks, pushups for total points after each touchdown in front of the student section.

Next thing you know, the Cougar was on the ground, and the Duck appeared to be punching him repeatedly. The fight ended up on YouTube.

Although some thought it was staged, it wasn't; hence the suspension. Because the Duck mascot is a role filled by several students, specific discipline was not disclosed.

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