Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Barz put on blast by Feder after being put on leave by FOX32

Doing the Fox trot?
Alleged 'dirty dancing' with staffer draws day off for 'Good Day' anchor

September 11, 2007
BY ROBERT FEDER Sun-Times Columnist
Two days after Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32 relaunched its morning news show as "Good Day Chicago," one of its main anchors was missing in action.

Viewers weren't told why Mike Barz wasn't on last Thursday -- leaving many to wonder why he'd vanished so soon after the debut of the newly retitled show, which he co-hosts with Jan Jeffcoat.

Even the Fox station's official spokesman claimed not to know the real reason. "As far as I know, Mike just took a day off," said Dom Mancuso, vice president of programming and promotions.

Sources said Barz had been ordered off the air while his bosses investigated a complaint involving his attention-grabbing after-hours antics at a night club.

While attending a going-away party for a production assistant the previous Friday night, Barz was seen with a female staffer engaged in what was described as "dirty dancing." The staffer has not been identified.

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